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How we approach Health and Safety whatever size your business is

Morgan HSS adopts a holistic approach to health and safety when working with our clients, whether they are micro, SME’s or global businesses. We aim to develop a thorough understanding of your business needs to ensure you achieve your key goals profitably but safely. Morgan HSS will be a collaborative business partner: we will help you and your team to focus entirely on your core business, whilst we proactively manage any potential health and safety risks.

How do organisations manage risk?

First and foremost, senior management must be committed to risk management. Once that is the case, Morgan HSS believes that three things underpin successful risk management:

  1. Effective governance that defines the organisation’s aims and translates them into action
  2. Robust systems of assurance and auditing to make sure things stay on track
  3. A culture of improvement to keep getting better

What We Offer

Integrated Management Systems (IMS)

Management systems defined by international standards such as ISO:9001 (for quality management systems), ISO:14001 (for environmental management systems) and ISO:45001 (for occupational health and safety systems) help organisations manage these business risks effectively. More and more organisations are now bringing these various systems together to create integrated management systems which can bring cost savings.

When it comes to managing business risk, there’s a lot of help available. Integrated Management System (IMS) consultants use numerous methods, metrics, tools and techniques. At the heart of them all is a focus on stakeholders, robust processes, strong leadership, risk reduction and continual improvement.

Whose job is it to manage risk?

Whose job is it to
manage risk?

Everyone from the CEO to the intern is responsible for the inputs and outputs resulting from what they do at work. Different people will have responsibility or influence over different things that affect the quality, safety, environmental impact or fire hazard of an organisation’s outputs, such as specifying requirements, or determining if the standard has been met, can the product or service be used or installed and ultimately disposed of safely?

Having said that, it’s important to have people who can provide the knowledge, tools and guidance to help everyone else play their part in determining and achieving the required level of standards. This is where MorganHSS consultants add value to our clients by bringing our unique skill set to help our client’s organisations become better at producing outputs that satisfy the needs and expectations of their stakeholders.

who's job is it to manage risk

Management Systems Assurance and Client Relationships

Our job is to help our clients to manage their key business risks allowing them to focus on their core business. We do this is by taking the time to understand the needs of all the stakeholders in our clients business and by developing a client brief setting out the short, medium and long term objectives of our clients.

Our consultants then develop a SMART business improvement plan.






This will minimise the cost and time spent by core staff freeing them up to do what they do best. With a track record of success and a growing client base we believe we can offer a timely, cost effective and professional service, in most cases exceeding customer expectations.

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Lead Consultant

Wayne Morgan

As owner of the business, I am able to draw on over 30 years industry experience gained on iconic projects such as the Millenium Dome (now the 02) the 2012 Olympic Village and The Shard. I have worked on major projects with some of the leading engineers, designers and contractors in the UK including Skanska, ISG, Mace, for example, and have held senior management positions on many different projects including rail, warehouse, high-rise, fit-out, factory, offices and airports.

I have also accumulated a wealth of knowledge, contacts and experience from major PLC’s and blue chip companies to specialist contractors, fire engineers, fire pump and tank suppliers, property developers and building companies and their supply chain.

What make IMS professionals like me unique is their dedication to protecting and strengthening their client organisations by making sure stakeholders’ needs are met – and ideally, that their expectations are exceeded. In helping our clients achieve their objectives, they come to rely on our expertise as they respond to new challenges, market trends and unforeseen events such as the Covid-19 pandemic. The constant need to innovate, improve, develop new products and services whilst ensuring the safety, security, legal compliance and profitability of business means specialist outsourced services providers are key.

Wayne Morgan

How Morgan HSS can help clients manage risk

Auditing & Certification

Build a positive reputation for reliability and consistency to ensure a high level of quality in your products or services.

Training & Assessments

Provide the tools for your people at every level of an organisation to safeguard themselves, co-workers, and customers.

managing business risk


Consult us whether your business needs to meet international standards or you wish to conduct a risk assessment. We provide a one-stop-shop.