ISO:45001 Certification

Who is ISO:45001 certification for?

For organizations that are serious about improving employee safety, reducing workplace risks and creating better, safer working conditions, there’s ISO:45001.

According to the International Labour Organization, more than 7,600 people die from work-related accidents or diseases every single day. That’s why an ISO committee of occupational health & safety experts set to work to develop an International Standard with the potential to save almost three million lives each year. Structured in a similar way to other ISO management systems, the approach will be familiar to users of standards such as ISO:14001 or ISO:9001. ISO:45001 builds on the success of earlier international standards in this area such as OHSAS 18001, the International Labour Organization’s ILO-OSH Guidelines, various national standards and the ILO’s international labour standards and conventions.

Who is ISO:45001 for?

ISO:45001 is applicable to all organizations, regardless of size, industry or nature of business. It is designed to be integrated into an organization’s existing management processes and follows the same high-level structure as other ISO management system standards, such as ISO:9001 (quality management) and ISO:14001 (environmental management).

What are the benefits for our clients?

ISO:45001 enables businesses to put in place an occupational health and safety (OH&S) management system. This will help them manage their OH&S risks and improve their OH&S performance by developing and implementing effective policies and objective.

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Key potential benefits from use of the standard include:

Can I integrate ISO:45001 into my existing management system?

ISO:45001 shares a high-level structure (HLS), identical core text and terms and definitions with other recently revised ISO management system standards such as ISO:9001:2015 and ISO:14001:2015. This framework is designed to facilitate the integration of new management topics into an organization’s established management systems. In addition, ISO:45001 was designed to follow ISO:14001 fairly closely, as it is recognized that many organizations combine their OH&S and environmental management functions internally. This will simplify the integration of ISO:45001, particularly for those who are familiar with ISO:14001.

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